Active Directory 2012

Active Directory – Display Global Catalog information

Sometimes, you may need to check the information stored in the Active Directory Global Catalog. This can happen if you want to check that the replication between GC located in separate site is done.

We can easily view the information in GC with ADSI Edit:



Let’s see how to connect to a GC using ADSI Edit.

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WSIM – Cannot create catalog file

I had a issue with Windows System Image Manager (WSIM) when I tried to create a catalog from Windows 8.1 WIM file. Even if it was start with full Administrator rights, I got this error:

“Cannot obtain read/write access for … In order to generate a catalog file, you must have read/write access to the Windows image file and its containing folder.”

WSIM Can not create catalog

WSIM Cannot obtain read/write access

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SCCM 2012 – Application Catalog prompts Credentials

With System Center Configuration Manager 2012, there is a new  functionality: Application Catalog. Using Application Catalog, you can deploy an application on user collection, and all users can use this web page to install or request an application.

Credentials prompt

To launch the Application Catalog, you can use the existing link on Software Center:

Application Catalog link Software center

Link Software center

Depends on your system configuration, Internet Explorer can prompt for your login / password. Even if you are in your domain.

Application Catalog Prompt

Credential Prompt

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