SCCM 2012 – Application Catalog prompts Credentials

With System Center Configuration Manager 2012, there is a new  functionality: Application Catalog. Using Application Catalog, you can deploy an application on user collection, and all users can use this web page to install or request an application.

Credentials prompt

To launch the Application Catalog, you can use the existing link on Software Center:

Application Catalog link Software center

Link Software center

Depends on your system configuration, Internet Explorer can prompt for your login / password. Even if you are in your domain.

Application Catalog Prompt

Credential Prompt

Client Setting

However, you don’t understand why Internet Explorer is asking for login/ password. On your SCCM Client policy, you set the right website and add it to the Internet Explorer trusted site:

Application Catalog Client Policy

Client Policy

So, with this configuration, you can think that SCCM Client will configure Internet Explorer with all required parameters.

Intranet Zone

The issue is due to the Trusted site Zone. By default, this zone does not allow the credential to be send by Internet Explorer. So you have two solutions:

Add your server in the Intranet Zone

Application Catalog Intranet Zone

Intranet Zone

Modify Trusted Site Settings by enabling Automatic login with current user name and password

Application Catalog Trusted Zone options

Trusted Zone Configuration

More on Application Catalog

You can get more information about it here.


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  1. Hi Alexandre

    thank you very much for this post, I was searching for this a decent amount of time. Its very easy but essential guide. Thanks again

    • ouch! I spent 4 hours to understand why in my val environment I had this behavior.. Thanks a lot

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