WSIM – Cannot create catalog file

I had a issue with Windows System Image Manager (WSIM) when I tried to create a catalog from Windows 8.1 WIM file. Even if it was start with full Administrator rights, I got this error:

“Cannot obtain read/write access for … In order to generate a catalog file, you must have read/write access to the Windows image file and its containing folder.”

WSIM Can not create catalog

WSIM Cannot obtain read/write access

Security Rights

If you check the security rights on the file, local administrator group have the right to read and write on the .wmi file.

WSIM Catalog Security Rights WIM

WSIM Security Rights WIM

Read Only Property

In fact, the issue was that the file was copied directly from the DVD into the share. And the read-only attribute was not removed.

WSIM Read Only Attribute WIM

WSIM Read Only Attribute WIM

Uncheck the Read-only attribute.


WSIM Read Only attribute removed

Catalog Creation

If you try to create the catalog again from WSIM, it will works:

WSIM Catalog creation

WSIM Catalog creation


You can get more information about WSIM here.


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  1. Many thanks for this tip – I had the same problem. Obvious when you think about it I guess – but I didn’t consider this.

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