Powershell – Start-Process Credential error

With Windows Powershell, we are able to start a process as another user, with the command Start-Process Credential parameter. But in some conditions, you will get this error: The system cannot find the file specifiedor The Directory name is invalid.

Start-Process Credential The file cannot find the file

Start-Process Credential The file cannot find the file

The error occurs only if the parameter Credential is set. If not, Internet Explorer is starting. Let’s see how to resolve this issue.

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SCCM 2012 – Application Catalog prompts Credentials

With System Center Configuration Manager 2012, there is a new  functionality: Application Catalog. Using Application Catalog, you can deploy an application on user collection, and all users can use this web page to install or request an application.

Credentials prompt

To launch the Application Catalog, you can use the existing link on Software Center:

Application Catalog link Software center

Link Software center

Depends on your system configuration, Internet Explorer can prompt for your login / password. Even if you are in your domain.

Application Catalog Prompt

Credential Prompt

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