SCCM 2012 – How to deploy App-V 5 Agent

If you want to deploy the App-V 5 Agent on your computers, you can use System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) 2012. The most easily method is to use an Application. By this way, you have the possibility to link some Dependencies and target specific operating system architecture (x64 or x86).

To deploy App-V 5 agent, you have to follow these steps:

  1. Configure Dependencies.
  2. Create Application.
  3. Configure Deployments type for x64 and x86.
  4. Deploy on a collection.
  5. Check installation.


Depend on which operating system you want to install App-V 5 client, you may need to install some prerequisites:

Prerequisite Windows 7 Windows 8 How to install
.Net Framework 4 Full Needed How to deploy Net Framework 4
Windows Management Framework 3 (KB2506143) Needed Deploy KB using Application
KB2533623 (KB2533623) Needed Use link above but
change the KB number 🙂

App-V 5 Agent dependencies

Create App-V 5 Agent Application

  •  On Application part, create a new Application:

Create new application

  •  Check Manually specify the Application Information

Manual Information

  • Enter information about the Application:
    • Name: App-V 5 Agent
    • Publisher: Microsoft
    • Software version: 5

AppV5 Agent Information AppV5 Agent Information

Deployment Type x64

  • Create a deployment type:

Deployment Type

  •  Select Script Installer and check Manually specify the deployment type information:

DeploymentType Script

  • Enter information about the Deployment
    • Name: App-V 5 Agent (x64)

AppV deployment type x64

  •  On Content page:
    • Content location: your share folder
    • Installation program: “appv_client_setup.exe” /q /norestart
    • Uninstall program: “appv_client_setup.exe” /uninstall

App-V 5 Agent content

  • For the detection method, click on Add Clause:

DeploymentType Detection Method

  • Select Windows Installer and select .msi for x64 bits:

Appv-5 detection MSI x64
DetectionMethode x64 appv

  • In the User experience tab:
    • Installation behavior: Install for system.
    • Logon requirement: Whether or not a user is logged on.

App-V installation behavior

  • On Requirements page:
    • Select All Windows x64 bits

All Windows x64
Appv 5 x64 requirement

  • On Dependencies page:
    • Create a group for each Prerequisite.
    • Verify that the operateor between each group is AND.
    • Check Automatic Install.

Framework dependency
KB Group
Appv 5 all dependencies

  • Finish the deployment type Wizard

AppV deployment type end

Deployment Type x86

  • Do another deployment type for x86. You need to change some information like:
    • Deployment Name
    • Product Code Windows Installer
    • Requirement Operating System

Appv 5 x86
Appv 5 product code x86

  • Finish the Application creation.

App-V 5 both deployment
App-V5 end application


  • You can check the relationship for App-V 5 Agent application:

App-V 5 relationship

Deploy it

  • Last step to do is to deploy the Application on a collection.

App-v 5 deploy

Installation on SCCM Client

  • On a client computer, go to Software Center and select App-V 5 Agent to install.

App-v 5 installation in progress

  • After a reboot, check the installation.

App-V 5 icon notification
App-V 5 Management


As App-V is part of Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack (MDOP) ,you can find more information: here


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