Windows 10 – Change Network Bindings

With Windows 8.1 and previous operating systems when you want to change the priority of a network card, you could change the Network Bindings using Advanced Settings in Network center.

Network Bindings

Network Bindings

This interface always exists in Windows 10 but this function was deprecated. Changes in “Connections” are no more applied. You can tell me that on a workstation, we don’t use this feature, and it is true. But I faced an issue with Windows 10, VMware Workstation and OpenVPN client.

When my LAB is up and running (Host-Only network), host connected to internet using OpenVPN Client, sometime the host loses access to internet. After troubleshooting, my host queries the DNS in my LAB and not the DNS of OpenVPN interface, and so the query failed because the DNS server does not have access to internet.

Let’s see how to solve this minor issue.

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VMware – How to remove floppy drive

When you create a virtual machine with VMware, vSphere or Workstation, it has a floppy drive enabled by default. It can be used to deploy operating system with specific drivers, maybe you want to remove floppy drive after the installation.

To do this, you need to change some configuration in the BIOS of the virtual machine:

  • At the boot, press F2 to go into SETUP:

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