Server 2016 – How to display Defender GUI

With Windows Server 2016, Microsoft integrated the Microsoft Defender service into the operating system. This built-in antivirus is now running constantly but it does not have the Defender GUI installed by default. If you want to activate the graphical user interface on the server, this can be done using Windows Server Manager or Powershell cmdlet.

Windows Defender GUI

Windows Defender GUI

Let’s see how to activate or disable the Windows Defender Graphical interface:

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Powershell – How to disable NetBios

Disable Netbios

If you want to use Powershell to disable Netbios on several computers, you can execute this script:

$adapters=(gwmi win32_networkadapterconfiguration )
Foreach ($adapter in $adapters){
  Write-Host $adapter


Parameters for settcpipnetbios are:

  • 0: Enable Netbios via DHCP.
  • 1: Enable Netbios on the interface.
  • 2: Disable Netbios on the interface.

For more information on this function:


After the script was runned, you will have this configuration:
Disable netbios