Server – Internet Explorer GPO not applied

With Active Directory, you can deploy some Internet Explorer configuration using Group Policy (GPO). But sometime, settings for Internet Explorer are not modified, even if the GPO is correctly applied.

This behavior is not a bug, it’s a feature ūüôā When IE Security is enabled, GPO can’t change configuration for Internet Explorer.


For example, if I want to set Intranet Zone, I will change this setting in the GPO:

GPO Intranet Zone Internet Explorer

IE GPO Intranet Zone

Internet Explorer Security On

With IE Security set to On, configuration is not applied:

IE Sec GPO not applied

IE GPO not applied

IE Security Off

To change IE Security to Off:

Change IE Sec off

Change IE Sec off

After an gpupdate /force on the server:

IE GPO Applied

IE GPO Applied


You can get more information about Internet Zone and GPO here.


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