Server 2012 – IPAM failed on provisioning

If you try to setup IPAM, you can get an error during the provisioning IPAM server step.

“Provisioning IPAM has failed. Check inner exception for more details. Some or all identity references could not be translated”

IPAM Provisioning failed

IPAM Provisioning failed

This error is raised because you try to provision it on a Domain Controller. By design IPAM can not be installed on a DC.
On Technet, Microsoft writes:

An IPAM server is a domain member computer.

You cannot install the IPAM feature on an Active Directory domain controller.


You could get more information here.


One thought on “Server 2012 – IPAM failed on provisioning

  1. Hi Alexandre 🙂

    Thank you very much indeed. This mistake definitely made me crazy. It’s weird that I cannot find required info at any other resource except of your blog o_O
    Could you please add an Event ID into this post (Event ID is 60013) ? It would be easier to find it by search engines.
    Thanks again! You’re wonderful 🙂


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