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GPMC – Force gpupdate on all computers in OU

Do you know that you can force a remote bulk gpupdate since Windows Server 2012.

It is really simple and we can do it using :

  • Group Policy Management Console, GPMC
  • Powershell


To force a new group policy update on all computers in an OU using GPMC:

  • Select the target OU and right click.
  • Select Group Policy Update.
GPMC Group Policy Update

GPMC Group Policy Update

  • Confirm the number of computer impacted:
GPMC Confirm Computers Updated

GPMC Confirm Computers Updated

  • Check the result
GPMC Gpupdate result

GPMC Gpupdate result


Using Powershell, you have to use the cmdlet Invoke-Gpupdate.

However, it only start a gpupdate on a computer object. So we need to get all computers from targeted OU and call Invoke-gpupdate for each:

Get-ADComputer –filter * -Searchbase "ou=LAB, dc=lab,dc=local" | foreach{ Invoke-GPUpdate –computer $ -force}

More on Gpupdate

You could get more information about GPMC and cmdlet used here.


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  1. That’s very useful to know, however i don’t have “update group policy ” on my menu list. How can i add this please.

    Kind regards

    Mark Sutherland

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