Exchange – Disable access for a mailbox

Sometimes, it can be usefull to disable access to the Exchange server for a specific mailbox. For exemple, in order to forbid Outlook Web App (Outlook on the Web for Exchange 2016) but you do not want to disable the user account. Or you can prestage the mailbox and only allow access to a specific date/ time.

This can also be used during a migration to another mail system: when the user is migrated, you can disable all access to force the user on the new messaging system. And prevent any email sent by the old Exchange.

Exchange Disable access

Exchange Disable access

Let’s see how to disable all access for a mailbox using ECP or Exchange Powershell:

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Windows 10 – How to disable Wifi Sense

With Windows 10, Microsoft integrated an existing feature of Windows Phone 8.1: Wifi Sense. It lets you to share your Wifi passcode with your friends in Facebook, Skype or Outlook.

This feature can be friendly for public people but if you are more concerned about your security network, you may want to disable this feature.

Wifi Sense new network

Wifi Sense new network

In the first time, Microsoft says that information sent between you, Microsoft and your friend are fully encrypted. And in second time, a person who got access to your Wifi with Wifi Sense will only have access to internet, and not your internal network. If he needs to access a share or your printer, he needs to enter the passphrase.

Let’s see how to disable this feature.

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Powershell – How to disable NetBios

Disable Netbios

If you want to use Powershell to disable Netbios on several computers, you can execute this script:

$adapters=(gwmi win32_networkadapterconfiguration )
Foreach ($adapter in $adapters){
  Write-Host $adapter


Parameters for settcpipnetbios are:

  • 0: Enable Netbios via DHCP.
  • 1: Enable Netbios on the interface.
  • 2: Disable Netbios on the interface.

For more information on this function:


After the script was runned, you will have this configuration:
Disable netbios