Windows 10 – Enable Automatic TimeZone

During the deployment of Windows 10 in a multi countries company, you will be facing an issue with the laptops moving regularly from one country to another. The Windows 10 Automatic Timezone service is not enabled by default during the installation.

This means that the laptops will always keep the time from its origin country and it will not change the hours automatically based on the current country.

In fact, you need to configure it using Group Policy Object (GPO).

Windows 10 Automatic Timezone

Windows 10 Automatic Timezone

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Office 365

Office 365 – Import Regional Configuration

During an Office 365 migration, it can be useful to set the regional configuration before the user logon the first time.

Specify the regional setting prevents the user to register the language and time zone again. Moreover, when you want to import PST files into the new office 365 Mailbox, default folders must have the same name. Otherwise you will get two folders for each default folder, like inbox, Sent, Drafts…

Regional configuration

Regional configuration

This modification can be done using the Office 365 Exchange cmdlet or we can use a powershell script. Let’s see how to do that.

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